Slow Motion Soundz Presents: O’Third Ent – ‘In The Box’

Great album showcasing O’ Third Ent. recording artists including but not limited to: Bossman, DJ Cunta, Kristmas, Mitch, Monster, Slash, and Swagzilla. In The Box is just more proof that Huntsville has plenty to offer in the Hip Hop department!

1. In The Box (Produced By Cees Production)
2. Take Em Off
3. Motivation
4. Stressing
5. Everynight
6. No Body Ft. Clova and P.T. Primetime
7. BLVD (Produced By R. Dot)
8. I Made It Ft. Slash and Kristmas (Produced By Speed Of Sound Engineers)
9. Primetime
10. Be Myself Ft. PH and Nina
11. Let’s Get High Ft. PH (Produced By R. Dot)
12. Wait Hold Up
13. Success Ft. Jhi Ali (Produced By R. Dot)
14. Confessions (Produced By Block Beataz)
15. What You Do I 4 Ft. Swag Buddiesc

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