We’re back after 3 months and we’re ready to make Huntsville laugh, so come out to the show that American Idol host Ryan Seacrest called “dope” and “fly” and “the best thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot”

Friday January 27th, your comedians include Landon Traller, Nicole Boquette, Scott Eason, Jason Steinhauser, Tom Hand, Sam McLeroy, and Stephen Claybrooks. And as always, hosted by me, Justin Ledlow

New jokes! All R-rated material! We don’t do clean comedy in this joint (not that we can’t, it’s just we know you’re all a bunch of dirty animals so we wanna deliver)

8 PM, doors will be open around 7:30, and it’s still only $5! Cheap entertainment yall!

Also, the Flying Monkey is a BYOB environment, so stop asking me if we’ll be serving drinks – we’re not, because we’re not a damn catering company, so get off your ass and bring your own booze


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