Thursday December 23rd
Flying Monkey Arts Theater
2211 Seminoel Drive
Huntsville, AL 35805

Merry Hanu-kwanzaa-kkah! You can’t escape the dreaded holiday party, even in Purgatory.

Purgatory Lounge is the utmost in perpetual stagnancy through suspension of reality. Sweet Lucy and The Dreaded Firefly host a night of purely permeating music with just enough danger and beauty to keep the hairs on your neck standing up till the next day, spanning time to ensure that all who listen will be enlightened in the ways of “the in-between”. In this Bizarro Vegas style lounge, “Atmosphere” is the one and only language you need to know. You will also need 6 bucks, so, if you’re uninterested in what the same old bar scene has to offer, take a number and enjoy some “musak” in the one waiting room that keeps on waiting. Some of your favorite tone benders along with featured crooners will spend the evening providing the soundtrack to eternity.

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